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Define various classes of kingdom fungi

Class Ascomycetes:

1. Unicellular or multicellular, saprophytic, decomposers, parasitic and coprophilius (grows in animal excrement)

2. Mycelium is branched and septate

3. Asexual spores conidia are produced exogenously in a special mycelium called conidiophores

4. Sexual spores ascospores are produced endogenously in a sac-like asci arranged in different type of fruiting bodies called ascocarps

5. Examples of organisms belonging to this class – Yeasts (Saccharomyces), Aspergillus, Neurospora, morels, buffels


Class Basidiomycetes:

1. Grows on soil, wood,  tree stumps and as parasites on plants

2. Mycelium is branched and septate

3. Mode of reproduction – vegetative means by fragmentation is commonly seen.

4. Sex organs is absent, but plasmogamy is observed by fusion of two somatic cells of different strains resulting in dikaryotic cells giving rise to basidium.

5. The karyogamy and meiosis of zygote takes place in basidium resulting in four basidiospores.

6. These basidiospores are exogenously produced in the basidium and are arranged in fruiting bodies called basidiocarps

7. Organisms belonging to this class – Agaricus (mushroom), ustilago and Puccinia


Class Deuteromycetes:

1. Saprophytes, parasites, decomposers growing in litters and help in mineral recycling

2. Mycelium is branched and septate

3. Commonly known as imperfect fungi – as they reproduce by both sexual, asexual spores and vegetative propagation. However, the cycle of reproduction in Deuteromycetes is not clearly known

4. Organisms belonging to this class – Alternaria, Colletotrichum and Trichoderma.

Various Classes of Kingdom Fungi Homework Help