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What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is a field of broad scope that ranges from the design and construction of structures, roadways, and pollution control processes to the management of our natural and engineered resources.

The breadth of the field has led to division into a number of subdisciplines including Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, materials, construction management, and water resources Engineering. Civil Engineering draws on a number of science disciplines including chemistry, physics, ecology, geology, microbiology, material science, economics and mathematics, and statistics.

Civil Engineering is broadly divided into the following fields they are:

1) Geotechnical Engineering: concerned with the behavior of geological materials at the site of a Civil Engineering project like Mining Engineering, the exploration, extraction, and processing of raw materials from the earth.

2) Structural Engineering: The Engineering of structures that support or resist structural loads like Earthquake Engineering, Wind Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Ocean Engineering, and Urban Planning.

3) Transportation Engineering: The use of Engineering to ensure safe and efficient transportation of people and goods like Traffic Engineering, Highway Engineering, and Railway systems Engineering.

4) Environmental Engineering: The application of Engineering to the improvement and protection of the environment like Ecological Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, and Municipal Engineering.

The areas we assist in doing project services covered within the field of Civil Engineering includes:

Road design, drainage, sewer design, site layouts, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Construction Engineering, and surveying.

Structural Analysis
Urban Engineering
Environmental Engineering

Mathematics topics relevant to civil engineering we assist:

Graphical Analysis of Functions
Data Transformation (e.g., y = axb => log y = log a + blog x) Systems of Equations
Iterative Solutions
Dot Products
3-D Coordinate Systems
3-D Visualization Coordinate Transformation Translation, Rotation
Matrix Algebra:
Linear Systems
Determinants (3x3)
Taylor Series (Approximations)
Definition of a Derivative
Derivative as a Slope of a Curve
Min, Max
Derivatives of Polynomials, Trigonometric Functions and Exponentials
Chain Rule
Root Finding

Definite vs. Indefinite Integrals
Integration as the Area under a Curve
Basic Integration Techniques
Multiple Integrals (Two)
Areas, Volumes, Centroids, Moments
Numerical Integration

Differential Equations:
First Order ODE - Linear, Constant Coefficient
Second Order ODE – Single Variable
Initial and Boundary Conditions
Laplace Transformation
Partial Differential Equations (Intro. – Single Spatial Variable)
Numerical Methods – Euler’s, Runga Kutta

Regression, Curve Fitting
Distributions — Triangular, Normal
Return Intervals
Linear Programming — Simplex Method

How to get civil engineering assignments assistance

The level of mathematical and statistical skills required of civil Engineering professionals varies with the type of work and the subdiscipline. Many of the technical mathematics skills required for students are needed primarily to understand the concepts introduced in their Engineering courses. The majority of graduates employ very little of the technical mathematics skills that they learned in college on a day-to-day basis; however, they rely heavily on their problem-solving skills.

Very few students graduating with Bachelor of Science degrees code new software or solve problems analytically, yet they rely on very sophisticated software and tools that use all levels of advanced mathematics. Still, a significant fraction of graduates utilizes advanced numerical modeling and statistical analyses to evaluate data and predict performance.

It is at the graduate level that advanced mathematics is used most heavily. In addition, one of the most significant trends in the past two decades has been the reliance on spreadsheets and commercially available software packages for solving many routine mathematical problems.

The Tutorspoint assignment experts focus on several key themes that are believed to be essential for improving the quality of mathematics and Engineering education.

A strong emphasis is given by our experts to Civil Engineering students by developing problem-solving skills across the Project Services and also by developing a sound understanding of key fundamental concepts and their relevance to applied problems, numerical solution techniques (e.g., root finding, interpolation, curve fitting, numerical differentiation, and integration) with interdisciplinary coordination between TutorsPoint experts and Civil Engineering students.

These themes are re-iterated and expounded upon as address several key areas of concern These areas include: understanding and content, technology, instructional interconnections, and instructional techniques.

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