How To Create A Mistake Free Thesis Statement

Writing an effective thesis statement cannot always be an easy task. Here we will discuss how to create a mistake-free thesis statement and the method of organizing the structure of the essay

How to Create a mistake-free thesis?

It takes a lot of hard work and energy to create dissertation writeups or a thesis. Months-long research and planning to organize the script are wasted when minute errors ruin the flavors. Thesis writing is the most tedious and most important thing in a student’s life. Doing research not only enhances the capability of a student but also polishes his techniques. A microscopic mistake from your end and show up as a tornado. Here we are discussing a few basic precautions to be taken while creating a thesis.

A new concept

Be a leader, don’t follow the crowd, and do what everyone is doing. Your subject for the write-up should be as amazing as you are. Try your hands over new concepts and ideas than choosing some traditional topic. Your hard work will pay off in your bright grade.

Being an incomplete bibliography

Your thesis is close to your heart. You know it in and out but the reader or examiner might not know some of the hardcore terms used by you. A bibliography is a glossary used to navigate through your theory. You might have used words from other languages or a new terminology you have come across during your research. The examiner is not familiar with these terms and might ignore them or take them as a negative stand, as a such precaution should be taken to clearly brief those terms in a bibliography.

How to avoid generalization

Being too general can be really disastrous while writing a thesis. A thesis writing which is supposed to be the most important writing project has to be specific and defined, vague statements and unclear expressions lead to negativity for your thesis. Your statement should precisely define your objectives and accomplish the motive of your thesis.

How to provoke a counterargument?

A thesis statement should be such that it provokes a counter-agreement. Something that is neutral and has no point discussion is a common mistake found in term paper writing. Moreover, a considerable point of debate generates energy for the thesis and gives it the power to sustain and shine. The objective of a thesis paper is:

  • To argue
  • To persuade
  • To convince
  • To explain
  • To inform

These goals are hard to achieve with a neutral statement. An intriguing argument can make your dissertation writeups interesting.

Talking of many, losing the important one

A big blunder found in many thesis statements is that the researcher discusses too many things which makes the initial point of discussion weak. The reader may find his attention diverted to other things that you have mentioned rather than the objective of your term paper writing. It is important you focus on what is important and let the rest of it line up in bullets or numberings. Explaining in headings and a subheading is an easy way to divert less important things from the main discussion.

The overdose of quotes

Your term paper is your views and ideas; let most of it be original. It is very impressive that you have researched through books and that leaders in the subject of your thesis are the source of inspiration for the idea but what is needed is your view, your idea, and your expressions towards the idea. Too many quotes ruin the originality of the term paper. It should express your understanding and research objectivity from your point of view. Quotes should be sparingly only when you are not able to match an expression with your own idea.

How to do a Grammar check?

Although you are good at writing still a thorough grammar check is a must. There should be agreement and verbs. Sentences should be complete and not seem to be vague. Writeups should be created using the third person that is: he, she, it, and they. One important thing to be remembered is a spelling check. Many a time due to overconfidence in work we avoid it which results in low grades. Despite you being very good marks get deducted for incorrect spellings.

What are credible resources?

It is important to find credible resources. It is easy to find dozens of articles related to your topic by just typing a keyword on the internet, but all that you find is not reliable. The viewpoint of expert academic writers should be considered rather than anonymous articles. Avoiding this can be of great help because what you write becomes your opinion even if stated by someone else.

What is Plagiarism?

Being original is the key to success while writing a term paper or a thesis. A copy-paste will lead you nowhere. Your essay should not be a rephrased article or a copy-paste from a book. There are many websites available where you can check the authenticity of your work. An important factor is a trust; your thesis should build up trust within your reader or examiner that your work is original and coming directly from you.

The underlining effect

A thesis or a dissertation write-up can be made more effective using the underlining effect wherein important headings and subheadings are underlined to emphasize reading them. It makes the work look neat and attractive. It breaks the monotonous text chunks and creates easy navigation through the topic.

What are Citation and acknowledgment?

It is important to be thankful and acknowledge the credit of your quotes and other research sources. Proper citation style is an important factor because ignorance towards it leads to negativity for your write-up. Revise many times so that none of your reference points are left to be mentioned. Remember whatever you are trying to prove and conclude should be backed up with relevant proofs and evidence and hence citation becomes an important tool.

These will hopefully help you make a perfect term paper or dissertation write-up. Create your own ideas and innovate yourself at every step. Make room for your own development while developing your thesis. Be original e you.