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What is Physics?

Physics can be defined as the study of energy as well as matter which is scientific in nature.  So such studies include the observation and comprehension of the interaction of said energy and matter where the energy involved here usually takes a lot of forms.

Said forms include gravity and radiation as well as electricity, light, etc.  The matters that are dealt with by Physics are those ranging from particles to galaxies.

Physics deals with a wide variety of systems as well as certain theories that are used by all physicists and each of these theories was experimentally tested numerous times and found correct as an approximation of nature. For example, the theory of Classical physics mechanics accurately describes the motion of objects, provided they are much larger than the atom and moving at much less than the speed of light.

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Classical physics is generally concerned with the matter as well as energy on the normal scale of observation.  Modern physics is concerned with the behavior of matter as well as energy under extreme conditions or on a very large or very small scale.  The two chief theories of modern physics present a different picture of the concepts of space and time as well as matter from that presented by classical physics.

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Physics includes different fields or disciplines under it and one of the said fields is Acoustics, which is defined as the study of sound waves and sound itself. Other fields are astronomy, which deals with the study of space which is also a discipline of physics. Astrophysics deals with the space objects’ physical properties. Atoms, as well as their electron properties, are also subjects of study in Physics which comes under Atomic Physics.

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Biophysics is another discipline that deals with the physics in the systems that are living. Another field coming under the scientific study of energy as well as matter is Chemical Physics where in this branch of physics the systems that are chemical are taken into consideration. Computational Physics deals with the application of methods that are numerical in solving physical problems. Another branch would be Cosmology, which is the study of evolution as well as the origin of the whole universe.