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Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help

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Mechanical Engineering utilization as an application

Mechanical engineering is the application of physical principles to the creation of useful devices, objects, and machines. Mechanical engineers use principles such as heat, force, and the conservation of mass and energy to analyze static and dynamic physical systems, in contributing to the design of things such as automobiles, aircraft, and other vehicles, heating and cooling systems, household appliances, industrial equipment and machinery, weapons systems, etc.

Mechanical engineers often create simulations of the operation of objects, as well as the manufacturing processes to be used, in order to optimize performance, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiencies, before settling on a particular design.

Fundamental subjects of mechanical engineering include dynamics, statics, the strength of materials, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, control theory, pneumatics, hydraulics, electromechanics, and applied thermodynamics.

The topics we assist in Mechanical Engineering assignments

Applied Mechanics


Nonlinear dynamics
Continuum mechanics


Mechanics of materials
Mechanical vibrations
Materials science
Computational solid mechanics

Applied Mechanics

Fluid mechanics
Fluid Statics (Hydrostatics)
Fluid dynamics
Continuum mechanics
Mass transfer


Computational fluid dynamics
Ocean wave mechanics


Numerical methods
Electrical power engineering
Materials science
Project Management

Design and manufacturing

Theory of machines
Machine design
Production engineering
Mechanical design
Production management
Quality control
Computer-aided design
Computer-aided Manufacturing
Dynamics of machines
Kinematics of machines
Tribology (friction and wear)

Dynamics and Control

Automatic control
Control in energy systems

Thermal sciences

Heat transfer
Refrigeration and air conditioning
IC engines
Heat transfer equipment