Scope in a complete manner refers to all the work that is being created the products of the project and the processes used to develop them. A project scope is a complete knowledge about the project which consists of the work content as well as the expected outcome.

Project scope management is including the processes that being involved in the way of properly defining and controlling what is or not included in a project.

Scope management is fundamentally the function of controlling the project in terms of its goals and objectives and consists of steps such as the conceptual development, scope statement, work authorization, scope reporting, and control system and project closeout. After elaborating the concept, the scope management handles many functions and roles, where the conceptual development is a process that addresses the objectives of the project and finding out the best ways to meet them.

For successfully developing the concepts, the project manager must be able to reduce the complexity of the project in a complete manner and clearly stating the goals and objectives, at the same time understanding the problem properly.

Next move ahead is towards the statement process, which establishes the project goal criteria along with the cost, schedule, performance, deliverables, review and approval gates, then develops the management plan for the project, further they establish a work breakdown structure and finally creates a scope baseline.

Another role of scope management is work authorization which means to show a formal go-ahead to initiate a work. Here, certain steps being managed as initiated by the scope definition, then planning documents, next is towards the management plans, and finally to contract documents.

Scope management helps to measure the expected outcome from projects. because. in scope management project leaders document all the data related to the input of the project and output of the project. When project leader aware about the expected outcome they will focus on cost cutting in such a way that there will be no impact on the outcome of the project.

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