Reproduction is a process of producing new individuals which look similar to its parents. DNA is the genetic material which helps to transfer similar features from parents to next progeny. Certain changes in DNA lead to variations. Variations can be productive as well as lethal. Variation is the raw material on which natural selection operates. It helps in survival of species. Get Reproduction Process in Organisms Assignment Help by Tutorspoint experts

Reproduction Process in Organisms Assignment Help

Reproduction is a process by which new individuals are produced from their parents. Like all other basic processes of life like nutrition, respiration, digestion etc reproductive system is not an essential process to maintain life.

Why an organism reproduces

Reproduction process involve expenditure of energy yet it is not important to maintain life but still reproduction is a vital process because it helps organism to create individual which have  looks  very much similar to it. It helps to maintain the race and it is required for survival of living things.

Concept of reproduction

Individuals produced by parents may not be identical but they are similar. The reason for this is the inheritance of features from parents to their new ones. This information is stored in chromosomes present in nucleus in the form ofdeoxyribo nucleic acid (DNA). Cell undergoing reproduction creates two copies of its DNA using chemical reactions. This cell also synthesizes additional cellular machineries which carries individual copy of DNA during cell division.

As process of DNA replication is a bio chemical reaction so there is always a chance that the coping of DNA may not be accurate. This process may also lead to certain variations in coping DNA. Variations can be lethal leading to cell death or can correspond to entirely different progeny.

Importance of variation

Variation is defined as certain changes in external appearance which is different from other members of a particular population. Reproduction always produces individual similar to their parents but sometimes DNA coping is not as accurate which leads to certain variations.Variation among population is the raw material on which natural selection operates. It is important for survival of any species. Unfavorable circumstances, drastic environmental conditions may lead to extinction of entire species but presence of certain variations may lead to survival of few which can help to replenish the species. Variation broadens the range of circumstances and environments in which an individual can live and survive.