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Process-based multitasking:

The concept of executing more than one program simultaneously which is present in different locations of RAM is known as process based multitasking. Thus in process-based multitasking, the address of both the programs have to be maintained since control has to shift from one part of the RAM to another. This increases the overhead on the processor. This, it is the disadvantage of process-based multitasking.

Thread-based multitasking:

A concept of executing supplementary than one functionality simultaneously belonging to same memory domain (i.e. same program) is known as thread-based multitasking.  The thread is a functionality (Group of statements) which would be getting executed simultaneously with the other part of the program.

Difference between Process-based multitasking and Thread-based multitasking:

  • Process-based multitasking is any program under execution.
  • Thread is a part of the process.
  • In other words,

    thread is the smallest part of a process.

Example program on thread based multitasking:

Class MSD extends Thread


Public void run ()


For (int I =0; I < 40; i++)

System. Out. Prinln(“ inside run ()  method: “ +i);

System. Out. Prinln(“ end  run () method”);


Public static void main (string args [ ])


MSD a = New MSD ();

a. run ();

a. Start ();

For (int i= 37; i<80; i++)

System. Out. Prinln(“ main : “ +i);

System. Out. Prinln(“ end  of main ”);




If we call run () method directly the object of the class (i.e. a. run () ;), run () method will be executed just as a method instead of getting executed just as a thread because, run () is itself an ordinary method. It is going to get executed as a thread, when start () method hands it over to the local OS. This is done calling start () on the object...

Process Based multitasking Assignment Help