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What is Precedence Networks?

The precedence diagram method is a technique to schedule to check the occurrence of the activities to make sure the time of the activity so that linkage of the activity can be understood properly in project management plan. Preceding activity is an activity that has to be done before the doing of another activity because completion of one activity endorses another activity to start.

This method is used to construct the network diagram and to find out the time and floating time of the activity. In this method, we use boxes and arrow to make the network diagram known as nodes which represent the activity and the arrow is an indicator of the linkage between the nodes or activities.

There are some terms have been used to make a clear understanding of this technique are as follows:

a) Critical tasks (timely executions), noncritical tasks (real times tasks) and slack time (Time strictness)

b) Shows the connection between the tasks (Works) to each other

c) Allows for what-if, worst-case, best-case and presumably situation

We determine early start date, late start date, early finish date, late finish date and duration to complete the project. The critical task is the critical activities of the project are the activities that cannot be delayed. As we know all the techniques have been deployed to make proper execution of the project so that it can be finished on time.

The importance of precedence network is to make sure which activity should be performed first and which activity depends on the activity so that proper timeline can be developed to complete the project.

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