Health is defined as a state of well being. It is a state where an organism functions properly physically, mentally and socially. Disease is defined as a pathological condition which makes an organism uncomfortable. Acute diseases last for a short periods of time where as chronic diseases last for a very long duration of time. To get essay writing Health and Diseases Homework Help contact Tutorspoint

Health and Diseases

Health is a state of well being. It is a position of being comfortable where an organism can function properly physically, socially and mentally. Health of an individual is affected both personally and through surroundings. For being in a state of good health social cleanliness is very important. Good economic backup also leads to a good state of health of an individual.


Disease is defined as a pathological condition which makes an individual uncomfortable. Being healthy and disease free are entirely different things. An individual can be in poor health without being diseased in the same way as being disease free does not mean being healthy.

Health is generally associated with society and surroundings and disease is generally associated with individual conditions or personal sufferings.

Disease and its type

Disease can be identified as any change in appearance or functioning of a particular system of our body. As a result of these changessymptoms are generated. These symptoms are generally signs which indicate that something is not correct in our body.  Symptoms include nausea, headache, vomiting etc.

A physician generally looks up for these symptoms in an attempt to diagnose a particular disease or pathological condition that is causing the state of discomfort. These symptoms along with laboratory test helps in predicting the right disease and its cause.

Type of diseases

Classification of diseases depends on many factors but one important factor is the duration of disease. Based on the duration diseases are classified either beingacute or chronic.

Acute diseases

Diseases which occur for short duration of time fall under the category of acute disease e.g. common cold. These diseases generally do not have that much tenure to cause major harm to our body.

Chronic disease

Diseases which last for longer duration falls under the category of chronic diseases e.g. tuberculosis.  These diseases generally have long term effects on our health and it readily affects our body for longer time as the duration is much more in case of chronic diseases.

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