E commerce is the one that consist of the buying and selling of the products or the services by the use of the electronic system such as the internet or different computer network. E commerce initiates the customer’s relationship that designs the business processes by the process of applying the technology. Tutorspoint provides E commerce and Internet Marketing Homework Help for students and professionals.

For instance, ATM is the recent example of the e commerce where a single machine can handle the availability of the money or updating the availability of balance, reserving the room at hotel on internet and initiating the online shopping with the use of internet and master card to make the payments online.

E commerce and Internet Marketing Homework Help

There are many different types of e commerce are B2B or business to business where the companies can do the business with each other where the manufacturers are selling the products or services to the retailers. Next type is the C2B or customer to business where the products or services are being sold from the customers to the business organizations. Another type of the e commerce is the C2C or the customer to customer where the products or services are being sold by the customer to the customer. Within the B2C or business to customer the organization handles the working by selling of the product or services directly to the customers without the interference of intermediate like the distributor, sales person, or the agent.

This holds a list of applications such as the email and messaging, documents, spreadsheets and database formation, accounting and finance system management, accepting the orders and shipment information. Users can create the enterprise and client information reporting. Customers can make the domestic and international payments, managing the newsgroup, facilitating online shopping and conferencing.