Description: Diseases can transmit from an affected person to a normal person through air, water, sexual contact and vectors. These kinds of diseases are known as communicable diseases. Different microbes target different organs and also they differ in their mode of entry in the body. Treatment of a disease involves two strategies either to kill the cause or to reduce the after effects of a disease. Diseases Spreading Treatment and Prevention Homework Help and essay help is provided by highly qualified experts.

Diseases: Spreading, Treatment and Prevention

Diseases causing microorganisms can transmit from an affected person to a healthy person by a variety of modes. Since they are communicable these diseases are categorized as communicable diseases. Mode of transmission includes air, water, sexual contact, vectors etc.

During sneezing these microbes can spread in air thus can enter inside a healthy person. Sometimes stool passed by a person infected by any kind of gut infection get mixed with drinking water causing microbes transmission. Sexual contact or intercourse with an affected person is another way of microbe’s transmission. Intermediates like other animals known as vectors can also carry microbes form an affected person to any healthy one.

Specificity and mode of entry of microbes

Different microbes have different specificity of organs they are willing to target. Based on the organs they willed to attack they also have different ways of entering in the body. As like bacteria causing tuberculosis attacks lungs so they prefer to enter the respiratory tract through the nose.

Organ specificity of microbes leads to certain symptoms which are helpful in diagnosing diseases. As like if some microbes attacks lungs we feel difficulty in breathing along with cough as symptoms. These are known as tissue specific symptoms.

Entry of any microbes triggers our immune systems and thus leads to certain common events in most cases likeinflammation etc.

Treatment of diseases

Generally two ways are defined to treat a disease. One way is to kill the cause or another way is to reduce the effects of diseases. Reducing the effects of a disease involves reducing the symptoms by taking certain medicines that reduce the commonly occurring symptoms like pain, fever etc. This kind of treatment does not completely eradicate a disease. Killing the microbes involves interfering with their biochemical life cycles using medicines.

Prevention of diseases

Treatment of diseases can have many drawbacks like it is time taking and during this period affected person serves as source of the infection. Thus prevention of diseases is the better solution. Prevention form diseases can be done by preventing direct exposure to such environment. Another way includes proper nutritious diet which helps in building a strong and effective immune system. As immune system fights any foreign bodies that enter our body it prevents diseases from spreading.

Vaccination is a way in which we give exposure of foreign bodies to our immune system to fool them so that they develop a memory of them and when our body is invaded by the same foreign bodies our immune system is ready to fight them.