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Compiler Responsibility

Whenever java compiler converts a source code into its equivalent byte code, it does two things:

  • It converts the source code into its equivalent byte code statement wise and
  • It checks whether that byte code can be properly executed by the JVM or not. i.e. if finds out whether the JVM has proper environment or not

Complication error:

In fact it is the duty of the compiler to create a proper environment for the JVM to execute the byte code. While compiling a source code if , at any time the compiler finds out that the proper environment is not there, then the compiler tries to create the proper environment. Even then, if it is not possible, then it generates a complication error.


Even though compiler creates the necessary environment for the JVM to execute the byte code, sometimes JVM will not able to execute the byte code because of some errors. These errors are known as run-time-errors.


Class x


Int a, b;

Void function()


System. Out. Prinln (“inside function x ()”);



Class y


Int    i;

Public static void main (string arg[])


X       x = new X ();

X.a = 10;

  1. Function x ();




When we try to compile file, the compiler creates the proper environment for the JVM to execute the byte code of y.class file. But in this program, we need the object of x.class file. But x .class file is not there in the hard disk, since we have not complied it. It should generate an error, but it will not. Instead the program will get executed perfectly. This is possible because of the compiler, as it has to create the proper environment, it compiles the file to generates the x.class. file and make it available to y.class file for execution.

Compiler Responsibility Homework Help