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How can we search one specific function in a group of functions of a class in an API?

First of all, try to guess the return data type of the function. If we know the return data types, then we can search only those functions, which have that return data type.

The names of the functions will give us some more details (names of the functions in java are  the user-friendly i.e. name of the function is closely related to its functionality.)

Whenever we find the term deprecated in front of any method or class, it indicates that method or class is not in use that particular version. We are not supposed that to use deprecated methods while written programs.


String buffer class:

We said that strings are imitated. But we have another class by name string buffer class, the contents of whose objects are mutable. I.e. we can alter the contents of the object which is criteria of the string buffer class.



String buffer sb1 = new string buffer (“abc”);

Some of the methods are available in the string buffer class are

Append (), replace (); e.t.c.

By using these methods, we can alter the contents of the object of string buffer class.

String buffer sb2 = new string (“xyz”);

String s3= new string buffer (“abc”);   // both statements gives a compilation error.

Both the above statements are not valid statements. The reason is, we are trying to assign an object of one class to reference of anther class which is against that rule that an object of a class should be assigned to the references variable of the type same class.


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