TURF Analysis

TURF analysis is referred as the "Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency", as this is the type of statistical analysis which is being used for the purpose of providing the estimations in the media or in market potential and along with that also devising the optimal communication and setting up different placement strategies available with the limited resources. This analysis also finds out the number of customers approached with the communication and how often they have reached their.

TURF analysis is working with the analysis and takes the measurements by purchasing the intent, informational requests, product preference, and budget coverage information. It is used to maximize the reach with the help of minimizing the cost of the media market. Rather at the same time calculating the incremental value towards the full line by adding different possible products or certain variants. It is also used to attract the large number of consumers, along with the fewest number of the entries or varieties.

Main application of the TURF analysis lies with the media schedulers who have to maximize their reach, devising the analysis of media campaigns, expanding to undergo product, line and distribution analysis and to undergo a frequency media spending. This method can undergo the calculation for multiple choice answer questions. This is also used to offer the estimates for the market potential. For instance, if the dairy farming organization launches its new product as flavored milk with 7 different flavors then the statistically around 3 flavors would eventually be most preferred by the customers and the TURF analysis would help to estimate the market potential. The TURF algorithm analyzes the optimal product line by maximizing the total number of the consumers. TURF is being undertaken for the purpose of optimizing the range of the product and undergoing the analysis that shows an outlook with the reach of the product range.

Main advantage of TURF analysis is the easy administration of the survey; simulator is provided that it calculates all the possibilities and created what if scenarios and it is based on the market realities. Even it can also help in filtering the market and simulations run.

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