Classification: Classification is defined as the process of grouping anything based on their similarities, in order to be grouped into convenient categories. Get Taxonomy Homework Help by highly qualified and experienced experts of Tutorspoint

Taxonomy:The process of classification of organisms into various categories is defined as taxonomy.

Taxa: These categories in scientific terms are called as taxa (singular – taxon). Taxa are smaller units of the taxonomy as a whole.

All organisms – plant and animals are divided into categories at various levels leading to an hierarchy.

Species:Species name is the lowest category of the hierarchy. Species name varies from each species to species as it is assigned to organisms of closely related species. Though closely related species may have different species name, they will have a common generic name.

Genus:Genus is defined as group of closely related species which have common characteristics and at the same time differ from other species. For example, potato, tomato and brinjal belong to the same genus Solanum.

Family:The next higher category in the hierarchy is family. Family is defined as group of related genera that have common vegetative and reproductive features. For example, lion, tiger and panther belong to the genus Panthera,whereas cats belong to the genus Felis. However, Panthera and Felis belong to the same family Felidae.

Order: In the taxonomic hierarchy, order is the next category. In this category, families that have few similar categories are assembled together. For example, in animals, families Felidae (cats) and canicidae (dogs) belong to the order carnivora.

Class: Broadly related orders make up the next category, class.For example, class mammaliaincludes order such as carnivora, primate (includes animals like gorilla, chimpanzee) and other such orders.

Phylum: Different classes such as fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals group together to form the next higher category known as phylum. Phylum covers all the organisms in a broader perspective. For example, the above classes are grouped under chordata phylum.

Kingdom:All organisms belonging to different phyla are grouped together and classified into two highest most categories of the taxonomy hierarchy – Plantae and animalia kingdom. This indicates that all organisms fall into one of these kingdoms and possess some or the other similar characteristic feature.

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The taxonomic hierarchy system indicates that more closely the species are related to each other, more they fall into lower category in the hierarchy system.