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If a set of instruments are integrated to perform certain task independently or with mutual interaction, that set of instruments is called as system. System modelling is designing of system architecture with clear vision, analysis and expression to give a desired output.

Modelling of a System

This designing can be done for one system or a set of systems. This is more simple economical and reliable. For modelling a system conceptualisation of a frame work is essential. Secondly a modelling language needs to be prepared. This is generally done in the form of pure text or diagrams or, sometimes, combination of both. Till now four types of frame works have been conceptualised and prepared for effective usage. They are module interconnection language, software architecture, design methods and design pattern. The selection of frame work and its complexity depends upon the sector it is intended for.

Types of Modelling and Applications

IT and business sectors use this modelling of systems to a greater extent. Modelling of different systems is done with different complexity scale and scope. Modellings are basically three types. They are enterprise modelling, business process modelling and functional modelling. Enterprise modelling is an abstract representation of operations or functions of a financial organisation. Any financial organisation includes several operations like purchases, resource managements, production and sales. If all these operations, combined or independently, are conceptualised and represented within a specific frame work that is called enterprise modelling.

Business Process Modelling

Business process modelling includes aspects of a business organisation. They are like business strategies, offerings, purpose of business, trading and policies. Because of its complexity, business process modelling is further divided into several parts. Functional modelling, as the name suggests, is basically for organisations and business processes. It is a graphical representation of functioning of a business or an organisation or a government. Functional modelling is integral part of modelling of several other modelling. System modelling can be further divided into several parts such as operational research modelling, soft system modelling, hard system modelling and system analysis.