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Modern statistics Definition

  • Modern statistics is a human side of the computer revolution
  • It is an information science dealing with the research in collecting and storing data,
  • Classification, analysis, and interpretation of numerical facts or incomprehensible input data in quantities by implementing an appropriate
  • analysis plan and using of mathematical theories and concepts expressed in terms of probability
  • Imposing order and behavioral regularity on the arousal of more or less disparate elements.
  • The major concepts and specific tools and methods for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from real data numerical


Data analysis

  • Characteristics of Population
  • Measurement Variability
  • Natural Variability
  • Environmental Variability
  • Sampling Variability



  • Exploring Data
  • Anticipating Patterns:
  • Sampling and Experimentation
  • Statistical Inference:


Definition of Biostatistics

Statistics is the design and analysis of quantitative investigations in human health by applying advanced methods of statistical inference.


Environmental Statistics Definition

The environmental statistics deals with the development and statistical methodology application to issues related to natural environment and urban environment basically study on ecosystem and human health and applying apply statistical skills to solve real-life problems


The Statistical methodology is utilized in models like

  • Time series analysis,
  • Spatial modelling
  • Bayesian methods
  • Wavelet analysis
  • Extreme value modeling
  • Regression modelling
  • Additive modeling.


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