Staffing is defined as the process involved in identifying, assessing, planning to evaluate and developing individuals at work. It is the determination of size and categories of required personnel and is also concerned with employing the right people and developing their skills through training. The Staffing element of management focuses on improving the competence and performance of the employees in the organization.

Staffing plays very crucial role in management as it is key to other managerial functions and helps in building a sound human organization as it develops human resources as assets. It also helps in execution of plans and enhances the productivity of the organization.

Staffing involves various phases which it has to undergo to get the best in the organization and these are manpower planning which includes determining the quantitative needs of the organization and to determine what qualities and characteristics are required for performing a job.

Then there is Recruitment and Selection, this involves stimulating and attracting job applicants for a position in the organization and selection consist of making choice among applicants.

Placement is the phase which refers to placing the right person in the right job and is done once the job offer is accepted by the candidate. After Placement then there is Training, it is more accurately considered as a process of skill formation and behavioral change and lastly, there is Induction which is concerned with introducing the new employee to the organization, its procedures, rules and regulations and most importantly the people.

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