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SPSS Statistics is software meant for survey authoring and deployment, data mining, text analytics, text analytics, statistical analytics, statistical analysis. SPSS is now called as IBM SPSS Statistics.Initially, the vendor for SPSS software was PASW Statistics, but now it is acquired by IBM.In other words, it is software meant for managing data and calculating a wide variety of statistics.

The earliest version of SPSS Statistics software was first developed in 1968 by Norman H. Nie and C. Hadlai Hull.It is used market researchers, educational researchers, students, and others.

Earlier versions are meant for batch processing and mainframe computers, but now it is compatible with Windows, MAC OS X, Unix operating system.(It runs on Java platform)

If you are a beginner in statistics subject then opt for SPSS Statistics Student Version.Since it is mainly built by using SPSS programming language for learners there is no need to learn this programming language in order to use this software Dialog box, menu, user manual helps you to use the software with ease.

SPSS has three main windows and menu bar at the top of your screen.The three windows are meant for see the data, see the programming command written by the user, see the statistics. Each window represents separate SPSS file.


SPSS Assignment Help Australia


Some of the IBM SPSS Statistics software products available currently in the market are

  1. IBM SPSS Statistics Base
  2. IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics
  3. IBM SPSS Bootstrapping
  4. IBM SPSS Categories
  5. IBM SPSS Complex Samples
  6. IBM SPSS Conjoint
  7. IBM SPSS Custom Tables
  8. IBM SPSS Data Preparation
  9. IBM SPSS Decision Trees
  10. IBM SPSS Direct Marketing
  11. IBM SPSS Exact Tests
  12. IBM SPSS Forecasting
  13. IBM SPSS Missing Values
  14. IBM SPSS Neural Networks
  15. IBM SPSS Regression
  16. IBM SPSS Advantage for Excel 2007
  17. IBM SPSS Amos
  18. IBM SPSS SamplePower
  19. IBM SPSS Statistics Developer
  20. IBM SPSS Statistics Programmability Extension
  21. IBM SPSS Statistics Server
  22. IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys
  23. IBM SPSS Visualization Designer


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SPSS Assignment Help Australia