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Tutorspoint provides Signal Processing Homework Help using Matlab for Electrical and Electronics Engineering students all over the world. The signal is nothing but carriage of information in a form that can be represented by a physical quantity. These signals are of two types such as digital and analog. Analog signals are represented in the form a sine wave whereas a digital signal is represented in the form of a square wave. In both cases, signal processing means refinement of information carried by them.

All signals, irrespective of their form, are processed for better output. Processing is an array of activities that are done on the input signal. If an analog signal is processed that is called as analog signal processing and if a digital signal is processed that is called digital signal processing, famously known as DSP.

When a signal is processed, it undergoes several changes like filtering, compression, noise reduction and storage. After processing the output signal will be an amplified form of the input signal with better quality. In the recent past, digital signal processing has reached leaps and bounds. With its rapid development, its applicability increased by many folds. Now a day this is used in almost all fields such as IT, communications, medical etc.


Filtering of the signal is of the events of processing it. In this, a signal is subjected to pass through different filters like linear and nonlinear. With this, the signal is polarized and unwanted elements integrated into its initial are removed.


Once the unwanted elements are removed, generally called as noise, the remaining part of the input signal is the core element. This is signal amplified for enhanced values. After all this, the core signal element of good quality is compressed. This compression is done basically to restrict special parameters of the signal. These compressed signals can be managed easily for storage and transmission. A compressed signal is relatively less in size. Because of processing for noise reduction, these are of good quality. These high-quality signals are easy for effective transmission.

Any carriage of information is called a signal. This includes carriage of everything like voice, picture, video and any other format. Generally, videos are analog signals. They can be converted to a digital signal with processing as mentioned earlier. In all the every electronic equipment we use these days has at least one type of signal processing. For example, all latest music systems come integrated with equipment required for processing a signal for good sound effects.


Signal Processing Homework Help