Role and importance of Operations

Every organization performs business as it has products and services that it offers customers as a solution to a particular need or wants they have. It is the very core business of every organization to finished product and services through its operations.

In an organization every single activity that is directly and indirectly associated with the manufacturing of products or services, starting from input stage of raw material through the transformational processing stage of decision making and using available client information, human resource activity, facilities, equipment and available technology to the finished stage of output are covered under operations.

Operation management in an organization ensures that all activities related to manufacturing and transformation are performed effectively and also checking that everything during the various stages is handled properly. Through operation management also an organization tries to match the customer needs, the product expectation and organizational goals. Based on these priorities products and services are manufactured.

One of the major roles of operation is also to keep a track record of the various operational activities taking place in the organization and ensuring that goods produced are inaccurate quantity and quality as per desired by customers and the organization.

Documentation and filing are done majorly by operation in the organization and not only does is useful in timely check of products and services, in fact, it aims at delivering quality goods and services which are defect free at affordable prices and better than the competitors.

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