Role and importance of Human Resources Homework Help

Human resource management is the branch of management related to employees of an organization and aims at establishing a harmonious relationship within the organization and aims to develop a relationship on the basis of mutual trust and confidence.

Any activity that aims at improving the relationships between employees and their jobs or employees and the organization or between the organization and the job design is primarily a personnel activity. Human resource department advice the top management, to make suitable changes in the organization structure so that, the human resource department may perform its role efficiently and effectively.

Human resource department advises top management in formulation and evaluation of personnel programs, policies, and procedures. The major of human resource is to do manpower planning or human resource planning, Recruitment and Selection of Employees, Arranging training and development programs for new and existing employees, maintaining an effective workforce, formulating HR policies and procedures and Providing specialized services, like job evaluation, job description, job specification, performance appraisal, employee engagement etc.

Human resource is of great importance and human resource manager plays various roles in the organization that is an advisor, mediator, counselor, and representative as he is jointly responsible for departmental heads for achieving and maintaining good human relations and high employee morale.

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