Respiration In Different Organisms

Respiration in cockroaches:

Every organism has a different approach in respiration. Cockroaches and other insects have small openings on the sides of their body, known as spiracles. Gas exchange occurs in a network of air tubes called tracheae. The atmospheric air rich in oxygen enters the tracheal tubes through spiracles and gets filtered and is passed on further to be diffused into the body tissues, resulting distribution of air in each and every cell of the body. The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide occurs in the tracheal tubes and is forced out through the spiracles. This process is seen in almost all insects.

Respiration in earthworms

Earthworms and frogs breathe through their moist, slippery skin and hence need to appear on the surface of the land for the purpose of breathing fresh oxygen. The gas exchange in earthworms and frogs occurs through their slimy and moist skin.

Respiration in fishes

Fishes do not possess nostrils like other animals; instead, they contain Gills for their respiration process. These gills open and close during the respiration process and are rich in blood vessels so as to perform exchange of gasses and utilize the oxygen for various living processes.

Respiration in plants

Plants also respire by inhaling fresh oxygen from the air through tiny pores present in the leaves. The leaves contain specialized cells called stomata which are involved in gas exchange. The plants do not require to transport the air respired as every part of the plant respires independently so as to supply the cells with fresh oxygen. The roots take up air from the minute air spaces present in the soil, resulting in producing energy for the roots to absorb water and minerals for the plant.


Thus, from the entire chapter, we learn that respiration is an essential process of life as, without breathing, no organism can live. Respiration provides energy to each and every cell of our body. Different organisms have different parts for respiration process and all animals contain certain specialized nerves in their body that enables the organism to breathe consciously and unconsciously.

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