Planning and Control of Batch Production

Planning and control of batch production are one of the important tasks in the organization. Batch production means the production that made the batches, most of the production is done on the basis of their quality and specialty of the goods.

A batch production reduces when in batch there are many types of production are made under the different – different volumes. Most of the products produced in bulk and with the different variations. The variance may be on the basis of volume, weight, price, and quantity of the product.

The batch production is mostly done by the pharmaceutical companies and in the glossary based products. The batch production helps to increase the flow of the finished product, and that should be a quality product. In batch production, a fixed lot of raw material forward in manufacturing and all employees are already aware of this.

With this kind of strategy possibility of overproduction and stockout condition is reduced.


Features of batch production system:

In the batch production, a process layout is following to do this. Similar types of the machinery system installed in the various departments. And this work follows a certain process. There are some advantages of batch production, and these are described below.

  • In this number, of the machinery is less required because it all work the same for the products.
  • Supervision of this type of production may be specialized.
  • This is flexible in term of labor and equipment in the organization.
  • The schedule of the project updated as the project is on the progressive way. The time record of each activates has to be recorded.


Disadvantages of batch production

  1. The cost of the material handling is high because of the longer flow of it.
  2. The planning and control system of the production system is much more elaborated.
  3. Larger capital required in the work in progress.

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