Organizing refers to the process of bringing together physical, financial and human resources and establishing productive relations among them for the achievement of specific goals. It is concerned with building up a stable framework or structures of various interrelated parts of an enterprise, each part having its own function and being centrally regulated.

In simple words, Organizing is the structural framework within which the various efforts are coordinated and related to each other. Organizing leads to the creation of the structure of an organization and this structure is a system of job positions, the roles assigned to them and the authority relationships among the various positions. A systematic organization structure facilitates workflow in the organization.

Organizing is the process which involves series of action to be performed step by step to bring together all the resources of the organization. The process of Organizing involves Division of work, Grouping jobs and departmentalization and lastly establishing authority relationships. Through systematic organizing of all activities in the organization there are well-defined jobs with Specialization and also it clarifies authority and power.

Organizing also involves the principle of Organization which is Principle of the division of labor, the principle of a functional definition, principle of scalar chain of command, the principle of span of control and principle of unity of command. These principles help and guide managers in making decisions on matters of organization.

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