Muscle tissue

The muscle is made up of long, cylindrical fibres arranged in a parallel fashion. These fibres are made up of short fine fibrils defined as myofibrils. Muscles play an active role in movements of the body by continuously contracting and relaxing muscle fibres according to the environment thus, maintaining the position of various parts of the body. The muscles are of three types namely – skeletal, smooth and cardiac. Get Muscle Tissue and Neural Tissue Homework Help at your requirement by Tutorspoint experts

Skeletal Muscle tissue:

Skeletal muscle tissue such as biceps is usually seen close to the skeletal bones and is a group of striated skeletal muscles bunched together. In addition to this, a sheath of tough connective tissue encloses several bundles of these muscle fibres.

Smooth Muscle tissue:

The smooth muscle tissue tapers at both ends and cell junctions hold them together by bundling them together in a connective tissue sheath. Smooth muscle tissue is seen in wall of internal organs such as blood vessels, stomach and intestines. The smooth muscle tissue is involuntary and do not show striations like the skeletal muscle.

Cardiac Muscle tissue:

It is a contractile tissue fused by cell junctions to the plasma membrane of the cardiac muscle cells of the heart. Exclusively present in heart, the communication junctions allow the cells to contract as a unit at some fusion point, thus stimulating the neighboring unit of cells to contract.

A.    Skeletal muscle (striated)      B. Smooth Muscle                 C. Cardiac muscle

Neural Tissue:

Neural tissue plays a critical role in coordinating body movements and responsiveness to changing environment. The structural and functional unit of nervous system is called as neurons which are excitable cells. The nervous system is made up of neurons and neuroglial cells. On stimulating the neurons, an electric disturbance is generated which swiftly travels along the plasma membrane triggering the stimulation or inhibition of the adjacent neurons.

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