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Define Morphology and Anatomy of Frogs


Frogs are classified under the class Amphibians of the phylum Chordata. Frogs live on land as well as in water and are cold-blooded animals. The presence of mucus makes the skin of the frog moist and slippery. The skin is dark green color on the dorsal side and pale yellow on the ventral side. The frog absorbs water through its skin for its daily needs. Tutorspoint provides Morphology And Anatomy of Frogs Biology Homework Help

The body of frog is divided into head and trunk. The neck is absent in frogs and tail is seen only tadpoles, i.e., during larval stages of the frog. The eyes of frog are bulged outside and covered by a nictating membrane that protects the eyes while inside water. A pair of nostrils is present and respiration is through lungs, gills or skin. Ears are represented by tympanum present adjacent to eyes.

The forelimbs and hind limbs serve the purpose of swimming, hopping and burrowing. The hind limbs are five-digit webbed feet that are used for swimming while the forelimbs are four digits and are used for activities on the land. A characteristic feature of male frogs is the presence of unique sound producing vocal sacs and copulatory pad on the first digit of the forelimbs.



The alimentary canal of frogs: The mouth opens into the buccal cavity which consists of a bilobed tongue that follows into an esophagus, muscular pharynx opening into stomach leading to intestine, rectum, and cloaca. The food captured is digested by the action of HCl and digestive juices. The partially digested food called chyme is passed onto the duodenum, the first part of the intestine where digestive juices like bile produced by the liver and the pancreatic juice secreted by pancreas thus aiding in digestion.

The digested food is then absorbed by various finger-like structures called villi and microvilli present in the walls of the intestine. The undigested wastes are passed on to the rectum and then finally excreted through the cloaca.

Morphology And Anatomy of Frogs Biology Homework Help