Minitab statistical analysis is a statistical package which was developed at the Pennsylvania State University. Minitab statistical analysis began as a light version of OMNITAB which is a statistical analysis program by National Institute of Standards and Technology. Minitab is distributed by Minitab Inc which is a privately owned company headquartered in Pennsylvania.

Minitab Statistical Analysis

Minitab statistical analysis is often used in conjunction with the implementation of Six sigma, CMMI as well as other statistics-based analysis process improvement methods.  Minitab 16 which is considered as the latest version of the software is available in 7 languages.

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Minitab statistical analysis is used for Data and File Management for the spreadsheet for better data analysis.  Minitab statistical analysis is used for Regression Analysis and Power and Sample Size.  Minitab statistical analysis is also used for Multivariate Analysis which includes factor analysis, cluster analysis etc. 

It is also used for Nonparametric which is used for various tests including sign test, runs test, Friedman test, etc. It is also used for Time Series and Forecasting which is a tool to show trends in data as well as predicting future values.  

Minitab analysis is also used for Statistical Process Control and Measurement System Analysis. Minitab Statistical analysis is also used for analysis of Variance which is used to determine the difference between data points.

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Minitab statistical analysis tool consists of four windows that are session and data as well as info and history windows and by default, the Minitab session and data windows are open when Minitab is started.  Minitab Data Window is used for creating the data set.  Minitab Session Window is used for the statistical results. Minitab Info Window is used for the information of data variables that has been created in the data window.

Minitab history Window is mainly for saving the Minitab commands that have been generated during the analysis.  Minitab graph window is not a default window and when a graph is created, it will appear as a stand-alone window where editing can be done.

It is possible to locate any window from the “Window” menu from the toolbar on the top of the screen.  At a given time, only one window is active and by clicking on a window, then it will be the active window. Since the data can come in many forms, Minitab statistical analysis tool provides many ways for the user to enter the data.

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