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Definition Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Model:

Maslow’s hierarchy model is basically presented by the Abraham Maslow in 1943, gave this approach and explained five fundamental human needs along with their hierarchical nature. This model is developed with the basic and lower level needs such as the physiological requirements also with the safety that must be fulfilled, before focusing on the higher level needs and pursuing them.

Physiological Needs: Physiological needs are those which act as the literal requirements of the human begins for their survival. The functioning of the human body is completely dependent on the fulfillment of these requirements. These needs are the one that comes up as the basic requirements ahead of all other needs. Here the human lacks food, love, esteem and even the safety which is being considered as the greatest need.

Safety Needs:  These needs are establishing the stability and consistency along with the security and protection, that are also nurturing at the home and family creates a job security, offering financial security, insurance and becoming prominently concerned with the fear and anxiety.

Social needs: as the person is satisfied with the lower level needs such as the physiological and safety needs the one can easily move towards the higher needs after crossing these social needs. Social need involves the interaction with the other people around you and this may show the needs for friends, needs for belonging, a need aroused to give and receive love.

Esteem Needs: There can be two types of esteem needs lower esteem needs and higher esteem needs. Lower esteem needs refer to the respect of others, status, power, and dominance. They are also receiving the fame, glory, attention, recognition, reputation, and appreciation. And the higher esteem needs includes the self-respect, confidence, competence, achievement, independence, and freedom.

Self-Actualization Needs: this need refer to become what we are capable of becoming and this could be considered as the greatest achievement as it would maximize the potential, seek knowledge, urging esthetic experiences, undergoing self-fulfillment, oneness with God and this level can be urged only when all the lower levels needs are met.


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