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Logistics Management Assignment Help

Supply Chain Management


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The Importance of Logistics Management

  1. It helps to keep the operation in all the events of the transportation of the products.
  2. It is necessary to achieve the goal of the logistics company.
  3. This is particularly crucial for delivery of products at the time, and it leads to meet the requirement of the customers.
  4. It helps to improve the effectiveness and timing of transportation in the firm.


Logistics management is the management of the transportation of the goods and the raw material it is part of the supply chain management.

In this, planning, implementation, control, flow storage of goods and useful information about them is considering between the two points that are fixed for the transportation of the goods called the "logistics management". So that, the goods and the finish products can meet the customer requirements all functions of this process are used in the supply chain management. This also a one part of the supply chain, which focus on the management of the transportation activates. There are so many activities that managed by the logistic manager and these are important for the management point of view.

The role of logistic manager is critical in the organization because all the logistics activities are part of the product supply chain it doesn’t matter that the activity relates with front end or back end of the supply chain. Logistic management also helps in cost cutting of production cost, in route planning logistic manager has to deal with lots of adverse condition and deal with new people.

It is not very easy to set best route out of all possible routes. In route selection logistic manager has to consider lots of things like distance, number of warehouses, travelling risk etc.

Logistic manager also has to focus on travelling time means some time selection of best possible route it happens that it takes more time in comparison of other route planning.