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C++ is a multi-paradigm, Learn CPlusPlus Programming Language; general purpose programming language, and is statically typed. It is an intermediate-level language which is a combination of both high-level and low-level language with the object oriented feature of class and other enhancements.

This language has been implemented on various hardware and software platforms. C++ is mainly used for developing system embedded and application software, entertainment software, hardware design, device drivers and many more which C++ supports object-oriented program paradigms.

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C++ supports the features like operator overloading in which it is possible to overload any operator. This operation can be performed for any user-defined data types. C++ also supports class as well as function templates. The process of hiding the information called encapsulation to ensure that data structures and operators are used as intended. It is also possible for a data type to acquire the properties of another data type by the feature of inheritance that is also supported by C++.

By the property of polymorphism, one common interface can be used for any implementation. C++ supports static as well as dynamic polymorphism. Virtual functions are also being supported. The advanced concepts like namespace which groups entities under a name, exception handling using try and catch block, conversion of expression to another type by type casting, directives for the preprocessors called the preprocessor directives are also supported.


C++ developed by Bjarne Stroustrup

C++ ( C Plus Plus)  developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the year 1979 at Bell Labs as part of his PhD thesis work. Bjarne initially worked with Simula 67 language which supported the object-oriented paradigm which he found to be very useful and started working on C with classes.

It was only in 1983 that C with class was renamed as C++. Actually C++ had no official standard. Since 1998, it was maintained by defacto standard, but it is standardized by a committee of the ISO. C++ directly compiles to machine’s native code. The main advantage of C++ is its flexibility as it checks for type conversions which is static either at compile time or at run-time


C++ Programming

C++ is considered more superior than C. C allows conversion from void* to other pointer types which is not supported in C++. In C++ many new keywords which can also be used as identifiers such as ‘new’ and ‘class’ are used. Since being an open language, it supports many compilers as well as the standard library that run on different platforms.

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