Leadership and Project Managers

Leadership is an inherent quality of a person that lead all the members of the team in the organization. In the organization, there are many teams, and they work on the specific task, and that managed by some persons that called the team leaders.

That leader’s work according to the leadership theories and models and these things helps to take the decision in the organization. Other than this change management and the ethical issue that are occurring in the organization also discussed in this article. In this article, first of all, will discuss the concept of leadership and then discuss the other issue of the assignment.

Leadership is one of the important things in the organization.

Now come on the term project manager that means a project manager is a person that is responsible for managing the whole project in the organization.

The responsibilities of the project manager include the deciding the clear objective of the project, identify the project requirements and manage the cost, time and quality of a project. Many times project managers handle the clients and many times it is representative of the client.

A project manager should have the ability to adapt the various procedures and rules of the contracting party, and while going for this type of the deal considers the time, cost and the quality of the project.

The role of project manager in the project management is very broad this one of the important parts of the project management. In every project, organization allots the project head role to experience person, because in every project there will be lots of situations when the project head has to take critical decisions and that should be in a positive direction.

With the success of every project and its completion project head active participation the key factor because until unless project head’s subordinate does not find the high motivation level in their chef they take project casual. Project head has to be a good observer of the project activities because sometimes it happens that a single thing will affect the output of the project.

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