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Implementation of Kaizen in organization

KaizenĀ is the Japanese word that means is the continuous improvement. This is the management technique that is developed in Japan to having a continuous improvement in the operation of an organization. And this is done on all levels of the organization and in all the employee of the company.

This application of operation improves the organizational performance through of the so many small improvements in the organization. The main aim of this technique is to improve all the process of the organization. So that an organization can eliminate the waste of the organization.


For the implementation of Kaizen in the organization, we have to follow these steps

a) To take the advantages of this approach in the organization, we have to implement it in the organization. This is one of the more of a total working culture in the organization. The first step of this implementation is developing the commitment to the top management of the organization to the Kaizen thinking and culture.

b) Develop the suitable system of resource allocation and other than this like, measurement and rewards and incentives.

c) When once these operations are successful in the organizations, then this is the time of getting all the employee in the Kaizen program. All the employee of the organization must be motivated for this. This makes sure that all the employee of the organization should understand and accept the kaizen approaches.

d) After this employee of the organization form, a term for the achieving the goals of the organization and goals of each team are consulting with their team members.

e) The suitable training for the team member is provided through the kaizen method with an initial operation in the organization, and after some time teams start the functions effectively.

f) To getĀ the continued success of Kaizen-it is very important to give a wide publicity for each team goals and their achievements. This system should be evaluated time to time and the rewards should be given to the team members for their contributions.


Kaizen in Organization Homework Help