Holistic Marketing

In holistic marketing approach the business is considered as a whole and that is placed in the economy on broad frame and in the consumers’ life. The marketing concept that is based on development, design and execution of various marketing programs, processes and the activities is called as holistic marketing. In a flourished economy there are huge number of products and services and there is a humongous competition among them. Now marketing concept is totally changed from product and production to selling then further towards integrated marketing under the holistic marketing concept. There are four major parts of holistic marketing such as internal marketing, integrated marketing, performance marketing and relationship marketing. Our Outstanding Holistic Marketing Homework Help Service is result Driven.

Internal marketing is referred to the process that takes place within an organization. All the processes motivate and empowers the employees at all the management levels so that utmost value can be provided to the client. The employer branding and employer brand management is correlated with internal marketing.

Integrated marketing works as a single strategy of marketing. In this each marketing component does not separate with each other. All the separate deliverables are taken together and execute as a single strategy. This is very helpful in providing good value to the end customer. Integrated marketing is very consistent. The integrated marketing communication also plays a vital role in it. It portrays brand image of the. The consistency provides good strength to the positioning of the brand.

Performance marketing is also called as affiliate marketing. It is performance based marketing where rewards are given to the affiliates who are responsible for getting customers to the business. There are four major parts of performance marketing such as merchant who is a retailer or a brand, network that looks after the payments, the publisher or affiliate, and the consumer.

Relationship marketing is very useful strategy that makes consumers loyal towards your business and customer retention can also be increased with this. The customer relationship management is very important for the success of the organization that builds a faith in the consumers that your business is aligned towards the needs of the consumers.

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