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1. Harvesting of Crops:

Once the crop is fully grown and mature, the crops are cut. This process is called as harvesting. Harvesting is done using agricultural tools like sickle and harvester. Once the crops are harvested, threshing is performed. Threshing usually involves separating the chaff from the grain seeds. If the crops are grown on small scale, the threshing process is done by winnowing, i.e., separated manually and if the crops are grown on large scale, threshing is done using machines.

2. Storage of crops:

Crops need to be stored, so that they can be used during adverse conditions. Factors affecting crops are moisture, temperature, insects, rats and micro-organisms. Fresh crops harvested usually contain more water in them and hence they need to be dried properly in sun. This also protects the crops from micro-organisms. The crops need to be stored safely in jute bags so as to avoid the attack of rats and other insects. The bags of crops are then stored in large granaries which are dark and usually cool. The granaries are treated with certain chemicals so as to keep away pests and rats.

Crops Summary:

Some of the common agricultural practices followed worldwide are preparing the soil with rich nutrients, sowing of high quality seeds and seeds that produce high yield, adding organic manure and chemical fertilizers rich in nutrients to the soil, so as to continuously replenish the soil with nutrients, watering of crops with the purpose of irrigation, protecting the crops from weeds and other pesticides, harvesting mature crops and storing of crops in granaries for preparation against adverse conditions.

Harvesting And Storage of Crops Homework Help