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Crop production and management Introduction to crop production and management, agricultural practices - preparation of soil, sowing
Common agricultural practices Adding manure and fertilizers, irrigation and removal of weeds
Harvesting and storage of crops Harvesting, storage of crops, summary
Introduction to cell Cell - size, shape and number, unicellular and multicellular cells
Cell structure and function Cell membrane, cytoplasm, and nucleus
Comparison of plant and animal cell Cell organelles, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell, comparison of plant and animal cells
Microorganisms Introduction, classification of microorganisms, beneficial microbes, harmful microbes
Nitrogen cycle Role of microbes in nitrogen cycle
Reproduction in animals Sexual and asexual reproduction, male reproductive organs, female reproductive organs
Fertilization process in animals Internal and external fertilization, test tube babies, development of embryo, viviparous and oviparous animals
Asexual reproduction in animals Budding, binary fission, cloning of cells
Conservation of plants and animals Deforestation, consequences of deforestation, conservation of forests and wildlife, flora and fauna
Practices to conserve wildlife and plants Wildlife sanctuaries, national park, migratory birds, red data book, recycling of paper, reforestation
Adolescence Puberty and adolescence, changes in puberty, development of secondary sexual characters during puberty
Reproductive phase in humans Hormones, menstrual cycle in females, determination of sex, adolescence, and health

Grade 8 Biology Assignment Help