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Nutrition in plants Plants and photosynthesis, other modes of nutrition in plants
Plants and their other mode of nutrition Saprotrophic, symbiotic relationship, replenishing nutrients of the soil
Nutrition in animals Digestive system of humans - buccal cavity, oesophagus or food pipe, stomach, summary
Digestion in humans Small intestine, large intestine, summary
Digestion in animals Digestion in cattles, digestion in amoeba
Respiration in organisms Aerobic and anaerobic respiration, breathing in organisms
Organs for respiration Mechanism of breathing, path of air inside the lungs, the percentage of oxygen and carbon dioxide
Respiration in other organisms Respiration in cockroaches, earthworms, fishes and plants, summary
Circulatory system in animals The heart, functioning of circulatory system, pulmonary and systemic circulation
Excretory system in animals Organs involved in excretion, human excretory system, composition of urine
Transport of substances in plants Importance of vascular tissue in transportation, xylem, phloem, transpiration
Reproduction in plants Asexual reproduction - vegetative propagation, budding, fragmentation and spore formation
Sexual reproduction in plants Reproductive parts of a flower, pollination, fertilization, seed and fruit formation, seed dispersal
Significance of forests Introduction, forests rich in nutrients, green lungs, forests provide basic needs, summary
Forest vs urban cities Rain in forests, roots in forests, importance of forests, lack of forests


Grade 7 Biology Homework Help