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Rains in Forests:

During rainy season, the canopies block the heavy rainfall and allow only a part of it to run down the stem and leaves. This water eventually seeps into ground through the spongy layer created by the decayed leaves on the ground. The water seeped into the ground is absorbed by roots and at the same time creates a water table below the forest land. Thus forests acts as natural absorber of rainwater. Likewise, forests also help in controlling the floods and the water supply to streams. However, in urban cities, during rainy season, floods are easily created as the water cannot seep into the grounds of the roads and other constructed properties.

Roots in Forests:

Roots of trees in the forests tangle with roots of adjacent trees and bind the soil together. Hence the soil is not eroded by heavy floods. Absence of trees results in poor texture of soil as it is eroded and washed by the floods.

Importance of Forests:

1.      Afforestation results in rich oxygen

2.      Forests are good absorbers of noise

3.      Forests provide habitat to many plants and animals

4.      Forests bring heavy rainfall and grow diverse range of plants

5.      Forests also grow plants of medicinal plants

Lack of Forests:

1.      Lack of forests results in increase of carbon dioxide in the atmospheric air further resulting in increase in overall temperature of our planet i.e., global warming causing the snow in the mountains to melt..

2.      Soil will not hold water, resulting in causing floods.

3.      Deforestation results in endangering rare species of plants and animals.

Forests Urban cities Homework Help