Excretion in Animals

Proper functioning of a cell results in production of certain waste products. These byproducts may cause harm to the body thus are efficiently removed from the body by the process of excretion. Excretory system of humans is made up of kidney, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra. Get Excretory System in Animals Homework Help by tutorspoint.

Organs involved in excretion:

Kidney: The filtering house of body

Blood contains both harmful as well as useful substances. Removal of these harmful substances requires proper filtration of blood which is done inside the kidneys with the help of blood capillaries.  Toxic waste is removed in the form of urine which contains waste dissolved in water.

Ureters: These are the tube like structures which help in transport of urine from kidney to the bladder.

Urinary Bladder:It is a hollow organ which collects urine coming from kidney and stores it till it is passed out of the body.

Urethra: It is a tube like structure which connects urinary bladder to the end part of this tube known as the urinary opening from where urine is passed out.

Excretory System in Animals Homework Help

Human Excretory System

Composition of urine:

Water accounts for 95% of urine along with 2.5% urea which is highly toxic substance produced inside the body thus needs to be removed immediately and 2.5% other waste material. Urea is the major excretory product in humans.

In condition of Kidney failure in which filtration process in hindered inside the body accumulation of waste and harmful materials start taking place. Thus artificial blood filtration is done and this process is known as dialysis.

Water along with salt is also removed from our body in the form of sweat. This is helpful in keeping our body cool during summers.