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It is an industrial term that is basically referred to the manufacturing of the product on the basis of the discrete manufacturing process. It is mostly used in case of the perishable product or some seasonal product that is demanded on a specific period of time. Discrete Manufacturing can be done only in case of the product that can be seen touched and counted; it is not possible in case of the services because they are imperishable in nature. Discrete manufacturing is separate from the process manufacturing.

In discrete manufacturing products are Cars, Computer, Medical equipment. In process manufacturing, products have been developed by considering specific process or recipe to refine raw ingredients and the finished product cannot be broken down into its basic components. Avail Discrete Manufacturing Homework Help and assignment solution at one click.

Discrete Manufacturing Homework Help

The discrete manufacturing process is an individual and independent process which does not depend over the occurrence or non-occurrence of another activity. Final products have been developed by combining all the products which are free from each other. Starting and ending of one activity does not affect the starting or ending of other activity.

We can take the example of steel manufacturing, same material required for producing steel structure but it has been used for making other device that also some other input that is free from steel manufacturing process. Discrete manufacturing allow the temporary stoppage of the one specific area which does not affect the manufacturing of other units whereas continuous manufacturing process requires manufacturing of the entire unit simultaneously.