Directing is telling people what to do and seeing that they do it the best of their ability. It involves overseeing people at work, making provision for necessary facilities and creating a work environment whereby employees may perform to the best of their abilities. Directing is that element of management which is concerned with instructing, guiding and inspiring people in the organization to achieve its objective.

It initiates the integrated action of the human force and translates plans into practice and is a pervasive activity of management. The direction is regarded as the heart of management process as it initiates action, integrates employee’s efforts, the medium of motivation, provides stability and balance in the organization and facilitates change.

There are various elements of directing which are performed in the process of management to accomplish the desired goals of the organization.These. elements are:

Supervision – It involves observing the subordinates at the work to see that they are working according to plan and policies of he organization and keeping the time schedule and do help them in solving their problem ,

Motivation – It is the process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goals, Leadership – It is the process of influencing other people to work willingly for group objectives and.

Communication – It is the process of transmission of the message, information, and creation of understanding between two parties. With the help, these elements directing is performed smoothly and efficiently.

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