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Digital Image Processing

Digital image processing engineering was developed in the 1960s. In this, digital images are processed with the help of complex algorithms. This technique, a subcategory of digital signal processing, is used to enhance the quality of an image by reducing unwanted noise and distortions. Digital image processing is a highly sensitive work which demands a lot of expertise. Like any other processing, this image processing is included with a sequence of works. This is basically a way of managing digital images.


Different Stages of Processing

The first task in this processing is securing of images. For this several electronic devices are available in the market such as memory sticks and external memory devices. Generally, images are secured in traditional formats like JPEG and GIF. Latest version cameras can even produce JPEG 2000, PNG and RAW file formats. After properly organization and securing of images, the next step of digital image processing is editing. Editing is a most important and challenging task. In this stage of processing the image undergoes very important transformations like color toning, scaling and inclusion of graphic work.


Editing Tasks

Editing tasks like color calibration, resizing and quality enhancement is certainly required to be carried out with great expertise. The next steps processing like image compression is carried out as per the requirement of the user. This requirement varies from person to person as this technique is being widely used for several purposes. Some of the fields that use digital processing are gamma ray imaging, ultraviolet band imaging microwave band imaging and several other fields.

For images to be displayed on cathode ray tube and LCDs tone mapping is an important part of this processing technique. The manual tone is one of the familiar tone mapping techniques. A burning tool is another important tool of this technique used for adjusting tone ranges of the image.


The following or the other techniques used in digital image processing to enhance their quality

  • Linear filtering
  • Pixelization
  • Analysis of independent component
  • Wavelets.

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Digital Image Processing Homework Help