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Decision Support System

The decision support system is the new approach of taking the decision in the organization with the help of some of the computer applications in the critical situation. This system of the computer application has supported the organization and the business decision.

There are so many decision support systems that can be used in the industry, the support system collects data from many different sources, like that inventory data, market data, sales data etc. And with the help of this data, this system takes the decision in the prospective field.

In today’s techno world this one of the fastest and the accurate computer approach to responding the best decision in the organization. This system is followed at all levels of the organization and the work of its very authenticated and supportive for the managers. With the help of this manager are able to take the proper decisions after analyzing all the factors of that field.


Decision Support System Homework Help

The next important thing to note is the decision made by micro strategy. The companies that need to succeed in business they must use business intelligence reporting tools, methodologies, process and more. As these are the key components to all important goals you need to reach and a decision support system can make the difference in a lot of processes.

The end user also benefited from this system they find any product related information or desired information, all these information are well managed and in such way, that customer finds it easy to understand.

To provide this kind of information to end users company needs lots of input and men power. This men power needs best analytical tools for data analysis and to prepare the best report format for their customers. In the DSS importance, of data is critical, because it is the output of their research of particular direction and this will help to cater market.

This data explains the market strategy for the customer and launching of a new product to increase the market base.

Decision Support System Homework Help