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Deadlock is a special type of error that the programmer required to avoid, this error is especially related to multitasking is deadlocked. This situation happens when two or more threads have a circular dependency on a specific pair of synchronized objects.

This can be continued with an example, let us assume one Thread enters a synchronized method of objects ‘one’ and another thread enters a synchronized method of object ‘two’. Now, if the thread in ‘one’ wants to get the synchronized method in ‘two’, it will not acquire access for the reason that the method in ‘two’ is synchronized and a thread is already acting on it. To get Deadlock JAVA Homework Help contact Tutorspoint.com

However, if the thread in ‘two’, struggles to get the synchronized method in ‘one’, it waits without end, for the reason that to get the access of method in ‘one’, it waits forever, for the reason that to get access of the method in ‘one’, it would have to release its own lock on the ‘two’ object so that thread acting on ’one’ could complete, and this will not occur.

Deadlock is a special error to debug for two different reasons:

a) It happens only infrequently when the two or more threads time scale in just the right way.

b) It may engage more than two threads and two coordinated objects.

Deadlock JAVA Homework Help

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