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Control System Engineering and its Applications

Control system engineering is basically a systematic attempt to control the functioning of a system for a particular desired output. In other words, it controlling a machinery to give a specific output as desired by the user. In this, the controlling system is devised to give feedbacks on output behavior at several stages of its production. Controlling of a system is done with integration of electronic controllers and some other software packages. They act as interfaces for human beings to interact with the system. This is also called as Human Machine Interface (HMI). Get Control System Engineering and its Applications Homework Help by submitting the form.


Types of Controlling

Machinery is controlled in different ways for different feedbacks. This controlling is done in several ways like intelligent control, optimal control, nonlinear control, model predictive control, remote control and so many. This controlling is generally done through numerical set points, displays and sometimes buttons as well. In any system engineering the controlling starts right from collection of inputs. This controlling continues with the processing of those inputs.

This thing continuous for several stages till the desired output is delivered. By having control at several stages the operator will be able to diagnose the problem if any, and also have the general information of the entire plant performance. This control theory can also be used to determine how a system responds to a particular input. By having this information, the operator will be able to ensure the stability of the system.


Control System Engineering Studies

System control is taught as part of mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and in computer engineering as well. These control techniques are associated with every field of engineering and are widely used. The applications of control engineering have their influence on a wide range of fields. They are effectively being used in science, automobiles, medical and finance management. It is surprising to know that these applications can be used even for human behavior management.

For students of control System engineering, the linear control system is taught as a basic course. For this, the student is required to be thoroughly acquainted with elementary mathematics. Frequency and time domain analysis is the basic curriculum of linear control system course. Digital controlling, nonlinear controlling and remote controlling are advanced courses that follow up basic linear control system course.

Control System Engineering and Applications Homework Help