Control Charts

Control chart is used to develop the control over the process of manufacturing by making check points. With the help of control chart we mainly used some techniques that have been based on the method of deviation and this deviation is the There are many charts have been developed n chart, P chart and some other chart are also important to make a proper analysis of the process that it is working properly or not. But we will not focus over the specific control chart but make generalize assumption make clear understanding about the control chart. To get Control Charts Assignment Help contact Tutorspoint now.

The chart may have other alternative features, including:

  • Upper and Lower limit in this chart are the warning limits, both the limits draw separate and show by different lines, typically two standard errors above and below the centre line.
  • Division into zones, with the addition of rules governing frequencies of observations in each zone.
  • Annotation with events of interest, as determined by the standard Engineer responsible of the process's quality.

Above graph having three lines upper control line (UCL) central control line (CCL) and lover control line (LCL). A central line is showing the expected quality of the product, and if the quality of the product declined point also decline towards the X-axis, and if all points are lying near by the central line then it is considered a quality product. In the above graph, we can see all points are lying within an average distance from the central line, and it concluded that the product is good in quality. Upper and lower line is the boundary.

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