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Conservation of Water

Water cycle – Part 2:

Water in the form of rain or snow is utilized in many ways. Snow present in the mountains melts down as water and flows into rivers and streams. These rivers then flow down to sea and oceans. The rain that falls on the land seeps into the ground, forming the ground water that can be later used for our daily needs. Rain also falls in ponds and lakes which on further filtration and distillation process becomes our drinking water. Rains pouring over agricultural fields are used by plants for the preparation of their food.

Thus, water is utilized by plants and animals in several ways. The remaining excess water is absorbed under heat as water vapor or transpiration process, thus completing the water cycle. This water cycle between ocean, land, and air is a continuous process in order to maintain the water cycle for our daily supplies.


Deluge and droughts:

Deluge, means heavy rainfall results in flooding of water. Floods bring a lot of damage to house and agricultural properties. In addition, heavy rainfall results in rising of water levels in ponds and animals. This water if not put into correct use might be lost in evaporation process resulting in troubles for daily supplies of drinking water. Likewise, in the places of droughts, it would be difficult to grow crops as the soil loses water through water evaporation and transpiration resulting in drying of the soil, groundwater, ponds, and lakes. Hence it is important to conserve water, as not every place in this earth receives equal amount to rain.


Conservation of Water:

·         Firstly, we can conserve water by putting a limited use to it. Over-usage of water is a common problem in urban cities and industrial areas.

·         Secondly,  The technique to conserve water is through rainwater harvesting. If the rainfall is collected in the ground of our own homes, we can store and use the water in times of drought.

·         Thirdly, we can allow the rainwater to drain into grounds to become groundwater, which can be used later for agricultural purposes.

Conservation of Water Homework Help