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1.      Diverse habitats – Iceland, grasslands, deserts, polarice caps, mountains, forests, dark caves

2.      Two pair of limbs adapted for various activites like walking, running, swimming, flying, climbing, burrowing

3.      Characteristic feature – To be able to secrete milk from mammary glands which is used for nourishing its offspring.

4.      Another characteristic feature is the presence of unique body hair

5.      External ear or pinnae is present. Different types of teeth for different functions are present in the jaws.

6.      Respiration is by lungs.

7.      Warm-blooded animals with four-chambered heart.

8.      Mammals are dioecious and viviparous with few exceptions. Fertilization is internal with direct development.

9.      Examples of organisms belonging to class mammalian – Felis (Cat), Macropus (kangaroo), Homo (Humans), Ornithornhynchus (Platypus – oviparous)


A.    Ornithornhynchus                  B. Macropus



Salient features of different phyla of the Animal Kingdom

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