C Bar Chart

C chart is again also a statistical quality control tools, this is control chart and it use the counting type of data, typically total number of unconformities units per for each. And this also used for the monitor the total number of the events that are occurring in a given unit of the time for the activity. Send us your requirement for C Bar Chart Homework Help.

This chart is different from the p chart, because it accounts the possibilities of more than one inspection units of nonconformity. This chart requires the fix type of the sample size. The inspection of pass and fails is only when c chart and u chart also give the ability or permission to make the difference between two items that are fails in the inspection. Types of the locations is also helpful to track the unconformities.

Monitoring of the c chart is includes the following;

  1. It monitors the numbers of void per inspection units in an injection melding process.
  2. This monitor and numbers the discrete components that must be resold.
  3. This also monitor and number of the products that are return per day.

The assumption for making the charts because the basis of chart is Poisson distribution.

  1. The potential location of the units is very large in numbers.
  2. The probability of units is small and constant at any location.
  3. The procedure of inspection will be same for each sample and this will carried out for each sample

C Bar Chart Homework Help